Born: November 27, 1974_____ Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Family Connection:
Newman's father had a band in the 1960's called Marmalade that topped the charts in 1969. Newman's brother is a musician who lives in Boston. However, his mother was not involved in the arts. Newman says, "My mother wasn't in the business, which was important--because with me, my brother and father, she's got three egos to put up with."

As An Actor:
Like many British actors, Newman likes mixing film and television work. Newman also says that writing and directing have some appeal for him, "but I'm not done yet" as an actor. He has co-starred at London's Albury Theatre (the equivalent of a Broadway house in New York) with Cate Blanchett in the new revival of David Hare's play, "Plenty." He points out an irony there, in that he played the role of Mick, the character played by Sting in the film version of "Plenty"--and Sting, of course played Feyd in the 1984 film of "Dune." "I never want to give up theatre," Newman says, although he says the community of theater in Britain--as in the States--can be rather close sometimes. Newman is working on developing his instinct for good scripts so he'll make wise choices in the future, he says, "Sometimes a script reads like a pile of nonsense. Then you see it, and it's a brilliant movie."

Relationship Status:
He is currently involved with an actress-girlfriend whom he cordially declines to name, wanting to keep their relationship private. "It's good for me as an individual," he says, to exercise that discipline and keep personal life "apart from being an actor."