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Welcome To Alec's Abode, a fansite dedicated to the actor Alec Newman.

Listing Site Updates

  • 06/16/2001 Started the site.
  • 06/17/2001 Added the biography
  • 06/18/2001 Added the Guestbook, and the Filmography page
  • 06/22/2001 Added more pictures, info. etc.
  • 06/26/01 Changed layout and added a few more pics.
  • 07/18/01 Finished adding the interview of Alec.
  • 08/09/01 Changed photo layout, fixed a broken link on the guestbook page, and updated filmography page.
  • 08/11/01 Fixed the broken links on the photo page by changing the layout again. This time it does actually work. :)

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